Thursday, 27 January 2011


I absolutely adore this recipe! These flapjacks always come out lovely but for some reason today, I paid particular attention to the recipe and realised two simple mistakes that have been keeping my flapjacks away from their peak.

Firstly, when the mixture is in the pan, you have to leave it on the boil for 2-3 minutes. This turns the syrup liquid into a deep toffee mixture and makes the finished product totally live up to their 'ooie chewy' name.

Secondly, you dont need to put the full 275g of oats into the buttery syrup mixture. I added them slowly until there was a fudgy mixture, 'slightly damp' as the recipe says and was left with about 20g which I just put back in the packet. Not too sure why you have to line the tin with tin foil and not baking paper or grease but it made no difference. I did find it a struggle to peel the foil off the back of my flapjacks but overall a very successful batch of flapjacks!

To try these wonderful flapjacks, go here!

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