Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cake, Brownies and a Little Bit of Cheating!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just cannot be bothered? Sunday was the day from hell, all Sundays are when you're a waitress in a pub that does good Sunday dinners. Although I was fed up and on the brink of tears, my mother gingerly asked me if I'd make a Victoria Sponge for my Grandfather. The prospect of spending an evening baking relaxed me somewhat but my regular recipe is a complete faff and I simply could not be bothered. As I was needing to go to the shops to get the cream and jam anyway, I figured I could take the cheat's way out. Yes, I do mean a packet mix! Shock! Horror! I was ashamed, I must admit. Even more so that I ended up buying a brownie mix too.

However, if I thought that the Victoria Sponge recipe was hard, the brownie one I use is just completely worse. Although, admittedly it does turn out the most amazingly mouth watering chocolate goodness! The mixes were easy with a capital E, I bunged them into the mixer (as I do with everything) and watched them take shape. They both went in the oven for 20 minutes or so and look what came out...

And these!!

The Victoria Sponge doesn't look as good as it normally does, the suggested 20 minutes made it a tad burnt and I probably didn't take too much care with the construction but apparently it tasted awesome!

As for the brownies, they were bloomin' gorgeous, gone in about a day. Definately a must for those who also can't be bothered!

However, for those who would like to make a Victoria Sponge from scratch, try my previous recipe. For those who also want to try my Chocolate Brownies, here's the recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food! I usually use chocolate drops instead of pieces to save the faff and I also omit the chocolate drops within the brownie as I find it too runny once cooked. This, of course, is down to your preference!

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