Monday, 23 January 2012

Individual Bakewell Tarts

I have so much to write about! I need to share all of my bakey type Christmas and Birthday presents and a few of the bakes I've been doing recently. But for now, here are the Bakewell Tarts I made recently.

I've made a large Bakewell before (try here for the recipe!) and, having had a really strong craving for some, attempted them again. I made some individual tarts on the day after New Year's day and they turned out perfectly and, as a result, they went down a storm. My more recent attempt, however, didn't go as smoothly.


1) In the original batch, the pastry turned out perfectly, in the 1st of this weekend's batches it did not. Solution= grease the tins (obviously? I didn't realise pastry needed greased tins!). This worked well.

2) My largest cutter did not fill the whole cupcake tin which was fine originally but worked against me this weekend.
Solution= create a bottom and attach long strips to make sides. A seemingly clever idea, until they separated upon cooking and created a Victoria Sponge type affair!

3) I used Lorraine Pascals recipe which suggests shop bought pastry. Problem is, it's rubbish!! Solution= give up and never make Bakewells again...

Yes, they weren't problems that caused major damage and they still tasted amazing, especially covered in custard but following several disastrous bakes, my morale was at it's lowest. Keep Calm and Bake On, ey?


The Caked Crusader said...

They came out lovely in the end!
The only shop bought pastry I will use is puff pastry (only if all butter) and filo - otherwise, I think home made will always win!

Jo said...

Yummy! Especially with custard! I must admit I'm prone to buying shop bought pastries too but I made my own last week for some cherry bakewells and it was well worth the effort.

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