Saturday, 28 January 2012

Eteaket- Afternoon Tea in Edinburgh

Last week, my boyfriend and I took off to Edinburgh for a couple of days before I went back to Uni and life hit reality once more. Edinburgh is such a homely place for my family as my brother lived there for four years and it's always a favourite choice when taking a few days off.
I've heard people rave about Eteaket on Frederick Street and, having exhausted ourselves just enough for a cup of tea, knew we had to try it. I was completely taken away upon entering, the decor was just as I expected as I expected a 'tea boutique' to be. There were mismatched cushions and bright colours on the walls, it was exactly how I'd have my own cake shop!

We chose a cosy seat in the corner and ordered our goodies. My boyfriend had a cappuccino and a millionaire's shortbread which he said was delicious and, having sneaked a mouthful, I can totally agree.

Unfortunately, I was slightly disappointed with my order. I was really impressed with the wide range of teas on offer (that's totally how it should be in a tea boutique) but all I wanted was a bog standard cup of tea, something that they could not offer me. On the plus side, however, my scone was huge and I had sufficient butter and jam to slather both sides of it, wonderful!

All in all, a recommended place that did not fail to please. The mismatched china was so beautiful and I felt the need to take plenty of photos of it! The atmosphere was excellent, we were surrounded by art students drawing together, friends meeting for coffee and a lovely woman reading her book alone, soaking in the surroundings. The staff were lovely too, taking our order at the table and generally being more than willing to help.

Next time your in Edinburgh, give Eteaket a try, such a wonderful place!

N.B. I have since received a lovely email from the wonderful people over at Eteaket informing me that a new menu has been released with a 'regular cuppa' on it, yaaaaay! :)


Jo said...

I absolutely love eteaket. I had a lovely tart when I went last September. Sadly I only discovered it after I finished uni and moved away from Edinburgh, otherwise I would have been one of the art students drawing there!

The Caked Crusader said...

That slab of millionaires shortbread is a perfect accompaniment to any cup of tea!

Lucy said...

I've heard many lovely things about eteaket and this post has definitely convinced me I must go next time I go to Edinburgh. The millionaire's shortbread looks incredible!

Rachael said...

Jo- It's so pretty! I wish we had a version in Newcastle!

CC- it was so big, it was phenomenal!

Lucy- definitely go! It's tucked away and is really cosy :)

st_owly said...

This place is way over rated. The tea selection is OK, but the lack of attention to detail is shocking and the most of the staff clearly don't know anything about the tea they're serving. Last time I went, the guy serving me couldn't even pronounce "rooibos." and our flowering tea wasn't served in a glass teapot, with no explanation given as to why. Do yourselves a favour if you want good tea, and go to Pekoe Tea in Tollcross instead.

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