Thursday, 9 February 2012

Marbled Cupcakes

I can never decide what I like best in a cake, chocolate or vanilla. Luckily, these cupcakes have both! As part of my Christmas present, my boyfriend bought me a book dedicated just to cupcakes, which is where I found this little beauty of a recipe!

The batter looked great as it sat in the cupcakes cases, however I was worried that there wasn't going to be enough of it to make the 12 cupcakes that it claimed to make. Despite having to be a tad economical, there was enough for 12 healthy sized cupcakes in the end!

The marble in these cakes looked great when you bit into them. They also tasted fantastic, next time though, I'll put more vanilla and chocolate in their respective batters.

I also used my Wilton 1M for the first time when decorating these cupcakes and I have no idea where it has been all of my life! As you all suggested, a larger nozzle really has defined my buttercream swirls and I'm looking forward to using my 2D.



Michaelav89 said...

Can i be the first to say, they tasted AMAZING, even for breakfast!

Jo said...

Yum, it has been ages since I've baked marble cake. You're right, it's the best of both!

Your swirls are looking great. The 1M revolutionised icing cupcakes for me too, I love the 2D even more. If you pipe from the inside out it makes a pretty rose effect.

Jo said...

Hello again! Just popping over to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You can information about it on my page:


magie said...

Those look delicious! I am having a serious cupcake craving now :)

The Caked Crusader said...

These look delish - love your piping and the sponge and frosting both look divine!

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